Organizing, conducting, selecting and training models
Our team has been filming since 1996
We participated in the filming of Alexander Kuranov's underwater ballet
We organized filming for Mosfilm, for Friday, NTV, TNT and MTV channels.
World champions work with us in various sports areas, from parachuting to freediving.

If you need beautiful extreme athletes for filming, we have any direction and the ability to organize filming in the air, underwater, motorcycle stunts and fire stuntmen!
We will show everything that can happen in your fantasies with a team of professionals!

First of all, Artfreediving is not just filming, but an underwater filming site with a detailed organization of filming of any complexity from script to implementation.

We not only select actors, but in a short time we can train you to be underwater, in the sky and in any necessary location for filming!
Our services
Our team prepares and conducts underwater filming of any complexity
Technical support for filming
Preparing actors and models for underwater filming
Ensuring safety on set
Selecting stunt doubles for underwater scenes
Underwater scenery, special effects, stunts